• Solutions to be treated,, eluents, regenerant and storage solutions should always be freshly prepared, filtered (on a 0.45 μm membrane filter) and degassed.
  • Remove air bubbles from the inlet tube, before connecting the column to any liquid supply.
  • Before the first use of the column and on the chromatographic system that will be used, measure, at various flow rates, the pressure drop on the ReliChrom™ induced by the chosen eluent, in order to obtain reference data.
  • Set the maximum system operation pressure to the value in which there is the max linear velocity for the minimum pressure drop.
  • A significant increase of the pressure drop after repeated cycles and under the same conditions could indicate the presence of impurities: in this case the column has to be submitted to standard regeneration steps.
  • After the operation and in case of long storage, the regeneration step has to be followed by a resin conditioning with proper storage solution.