Technical information

Characteristics: Particle size

  • ReliSorb™ 400SS grade: 50 – 150 microns
  • ReliSorb™ 400 grade: 75 – 200 microns
  • ReliSorb™ 405 EB grade: 200 – 500 microns

These particle size ranges have been selected for the optimal design of fixed and expanded bed industrial columns used in the capture, intermediate and polishing purification steps.

Characteristics: Pressure drop in water at 25 °C

Pressure drop per meter of bed depth in function of the linear velocity for the different types of available ReliSorb™. The slope of the curves increases as the particle size range becomes smaller.

Characteristics: Bed Expansion

The high specific gravity (> 1.1 g/ml) of ReliSorb™ 405EB, associated to a calibrated particle size range, allows to a controlled bed expansion and a fast settlement.

ReliSorb™ 405EB are equivalent to Streamline™ beads (G. E. Healthcare product)