Material Support File

Resindion Srl is a UNI EN ISO 9001:2008 certified company, offers the following regulat documents for each standard product:

  • Technical data sheet and relevant technical literature
  • Certificate of analysis
  • Material safety data sheets

ReliSorb™ monomers and porogenic agents are selected on the base of European Resolution RESAP (2004) 3 Version 3 – 28.01.2009 related to the manufacture of resins for food application.

Handling and storage

Users are requested to observe the generally accepted precautions for handling of chemicals and to follow the health and safety recommendations set out in each ReliSorb™ MSDS. ReliSorb™ EP has to be stored at 4—6°C and for no longer than six months.

Technical assistance

Resindion S.R.L. qualified technical and marketing team guarantee all the necessary customer assistance, from ReliSorb™ selection to periodical analytical control of the products characteristics during operation.

Please contact Resindion S.r.l. at

The technical information and data presented in this documentation are based on information we believe to be accurate and reliable. These data are offered in good faith, but conditions and methods of use of our products are beyond of our control. Further, no guarantee, expressed or implied, can be given regarding the use of our products, or on the results obtained from our products use. Resindion S.R.L. can not assume any liability or responsibility for patent infringement resulting from the use of its products. ReliSorb™ is a registered trademark of Resindion S.R.L. and is protected by international trademark laws and treaties.