Affinity chromatography

Affinity chromatography is a separation technique based on a highly specific physical-chemical interaction between the resin and a target molecule.

ReliSorb™ for affinity chromatography include three types of resins:

  • ReliSorb™ IDA, with an iminodiacetic acid functional group on the surface, generally used for metal chelating chromatography; Resindio srl - ReliSorb™ IDA

  • ReliSorb™ EP, functionalized with an epoxy group, suited for a further covalent binding of a specific ligand; Resindio srl - ReliSorb™ EP

  • ReliSorb™ HG (with two hydroxyl groups), ReliSorb™ SA and LA (with a primary amino group linked respectively to a short and a long carbon chain): for this category of resins, the active type is suited for an “in house” special activation.

Functional group
Resindion srl - ReliSorb™ HG
Functional group
Functional group
Resindion srl - ReliSorb™ SA Resindion srl - ReliSorb™ LA

ReliSorb™ ready to use resins with specific ligands already immobilized are available upon request.