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Vision & Mission


Society and Nature

Resindion srl - The kaiteki Company

The kaiteki Company

KAITEKI, an original concept of the MCHC Group, means “a sustainable condition which is comfortable for people, society and the earth, transcending time and generations.”

RESINDION S.r.l., in line with Mitsubishi Chemical's corporate principle, has a forward-looking commitment and challenge having the aim to discover chemistry's new potentials, while establishing and strengthening, at the same time, the interrelations of people, society and nature.



Develop and produce

Resindion srl - Innovation for good chemistry

Develop innovative products

  • Research, Develop and Produce innovative functionalised polymers to match customers both existing and, emerging needs in purification, biocatalysis and solid phase synthesis areas of application;

  • Provide necessary cooperation, up to full customers satisfaction, using, at global level, all the inner group resources and its integrated large scale production facilities.


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