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Product line - Cation Exchangers

Cation Exchangers


Procuct Name Copolymer/matrix Active Group Total Exchange Capacity
RELITE CFA Styrene-DVB gel sulphonic 1.9 eq/l
RELITE CF Styrene-DVB gel sulphonic 2.0 eq/l
RELITE CFH Styrene-DVB gel sulphonic 1.8 eq/l
RELITE CFS Styrene-DVB porous sulphonic 1.9 eq/l
RELITE RPS Styrene-DVB highly porous sulphonic 1.8 eq/l
RELITE RAD/F Styrene-DVB highly porous sulphonic 0.9 eq/l
RELITE CNS Acrylate-DVB carboxylic 4.3 eq/l



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