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Resindion’s extensive experience in the functionalised polymers chemistry is firmly engaged to create highly useful products to make customers processes more efficient.
In this web site you may find information on Resindion products portfolio, designed for the most advanced applications in the life science, and specialty chemical industries.

Ready to use pre-packed columns
ReliChrom™ pre-packed columns have been developed by Resindion S.R.L. to provide a practical and reliable tool for the screening of ReliSorb™ SS highly porous polymeric matrices for chromatographic bioseparations.
ReliChrom™ column hardware is designed for a max operating pressure of 30 bar (430 psi).
ReliChrom™ colunms are chemically stable in all pH range (1 - 14), in high salt concentration buffer and in common solvents.

Chromatographic resins for
biopolymers purification
Resindion S.R.L. offer a wide range of polymeric functionalized resin for the development of almost every conceivable chromatographic process.
ReliSorb™ resins are based on a rigid low swelling hydrophilic polymer with a highly porous structure.
Three particle size ranges have been selected for the optional design of fixed and expanded bed columns used in the capture, intermediate and polishing purification steps.

Enzyme carriers

Resindion S.R.L. is glad to introduce the new carriers line named ReliZyme™ as a highly porous structure improvement of the consolidated industrial line of SEPABEADS™ EC
Low swelling tendency in high molar solutions and in common solvents.
Outstanding mechano-osmotic resistance given by intense crosslinking.

Enzyme carriers

SEPABEADS™ EC enzyme carrier series are a very attractive tool in the hands of all biotech industries aiming to apply more competitive and “environmentally friendly” processes.
High physical and chemical stability.
Intermediate degree of porosity.



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