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A new look for MCI GEL bulk materials certificates of analysis

Starting from August 1st, 2013 the MCI GEL bulk materials certificates of analysis layout will change.
It will be aligned with the layout of DIAION® and SEPABEADS® ion exchange and adsorbent resins certificates of analysis. No change in benchmarks.



Transition from SEPABEADS FP commercial name and the new brand ReliSorb

We often receive requests from the audience asking for SEPABEADS® FP products therefore we judge important to highlight that since 2011 we have changed the commercial denomination of our SEPABEADS® FP products line into ReliSorbTM without any substantial change in the characteristics. The most updated technical information on the above mentioned ReliSorbTM products line can be downloaded from the devoted section of our web site. The whole range is purchasable through our On-line Shop by simply registering and making the log-in (for additional details about On-line Terms and Conditions of Sale, please refer to the devoted section at the bottom of our home page).



ISO 9001:2008 certificates 2011

We are pleased to show you our updated ISO 9001:2008 certificates

Certiquality 2011 - PDF

IQNet 2011 - PDF


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